About Us

Welcome to our family farm, nestled on a tranquil 13-acre land in South Carolina. Established in 2010, our farm is a testament to sustainable agriculture and the power of healing through food.

Our Journey

Our founder, David, brings over three decades of experience in growing a variety of nutritious vegetables. His journey began with a personal quest to use turmeric medicinally, which blossomed into a passion for providing healing foods to others. This led to the cultivation of both turmeric and galangal, making our farm one of the few in the area to grow these unique herbs.


Sustainability at Heart

We are committed to sustainable farming practices. Our use of biochar keeps nutrients accessible to plants, while locally sourced mulches and soil amendments enrich our soil. Our goats and sheep play a crucial role too, naturally converting weeds into rich soil, enhancing the quality and taste of our produce.


Community and Education

Our farm is more than a place of cultivation; it’s a center for learning and community engagement. We educate the public about sustainable practices and the medicinal uses of turmeric and galangal. Our produce, favored by high-end restaurants from Savannah to Charlotte, is a testament to our quality.


Looking Ahead

Our vision extends beyond cultivation. We aim to educate our local community, introducing them to diverse and unique produce. Plans are underway to expand our crop variety, host farm-to-table events, and initiate a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.


Our Philosophy

At the heart of our farm is the belief in ‘food as medicine.’ Our founder, David, personally experienced the healing powers of turmeric and is dedicated to growing food that not only tastes great but also promotes health and well-being. Join us in experiencing the true essence of naturally and sustainably produced food.