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At Pixie Farm our mission is to grow vegetables and herbs in an environment that is sustainable and in tune with the frequencies of nature to provide food that is complete and nourishing to the soul as well as the body. We accomplish this through ancient practices such as Hügelkultur, biochar, and symbiosis with animals that have found a happy home at Pixie Farm.

Kim Hallin is blessing us with copious amounts of positive energy to add to the land by sharing all of the manure from her healing herd of therapy horses at Unbridled LLC. We’re using this precious gift to augment our fields with a healthy recipe of compost made from manure, charged biochar (which we make onsite), and wood chips that are sourced locally for free.

This process will improve the land for thousands of years, helping to bring great energy through abundant nutrients for many generations to come.

For more information about Pixie Farm contact david@pixie.farm